Infinity Realty Network

At Infinity Realty Network, we have a professional team of Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Lenders and State Certified Appraisers. ​We prefer all of your transactions done through us so we could be with you in every step of the way in finding your new home!

Our Agents will  provide you with all the information and attention you need. Our Agents understand the market and are MLS savvy. We strive on making your transaction as smooth and fast as possible, so you can enjoy your new living space! ​


Steps to Become a Home Owner:

​1. Get a Realtor- Our Agents are prepared to give you the     attention you deserve. 

2. Get a Mortgage Pre-Approved- Our team of Mortgage Lenders are prepared to get to qualified for your home. 

3. Search Properties- Our Agents will then show you properties that meet your search criteria. 

4. Price of the House- We will then make an offer on the home with the proposal to buy which includes both price and terms. 

​5. Closing- The final step in buying a home, just sign the contract and you will have your dream home! 


Steps To Selling Your Home:

1. Get a Realtor- Our Agents are ready to guide to in the right path to sell your home. 

2. Set your Home on the Market- Our Agents will help you to put a list price on you home and market you home for maximum exposure. 

3. Negotiation- Our Agents will be with you to negotiate an offer.

4. Settling- then you sign the contracts with the buyer of the home and plan your move! 


Steps to Renting Your Home:


1. Make a Financial Plan-  Our Agents know the local market and will give you an estimate on your home.

2. Get an Agent- Our Agents will find you a tenant and do all the paperwork for you.


1. The Application Process- the application is the quality rental application and run a credit report on the applicant.

2. The Approval Process- approving the applicant.

3. The Lease Signing- signing the quality residential lease for the tenant to rent your home!


Steps to Invest in your Property: 

1. Get an Agent- Our Agents will find you the perfect property to be flipped. 

2. Fix the Property- renovate and flip the house 

3. Maximize your Investment-  our agents will find the most efficient way to get your money back!

4. Repeat the process!